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On The Podcast:

TPM 29 Mike Meiers | Songwriting For Guitar

Songwriting For Guitar: How To Write Better Songs And Earn More With Mike Meiers

  Bree Noble’s guest in this episode is Mike Meiers, founder of Songwriting for Guitar. Mike shares his journey on how he came to love playing the guitar and teaching others to play it. Teaching others helped Mike grow exponentially in music, eventually becoming...
TPM 28 | Band Promotion

The Business Side Of Music: Band Promotion And Content Creation With Monica Strut

  Being a musician is not just about learning how to play and perform, especially if you want to succeed. You also need to learn about the business side of it, from marketing to networking, basically all the things that make the music industry what it is. Helping...
TPM 27 | Post-Pandemic Booking Strategies

Gigs And Booking Strategies In The Post-Pandemic World With Tara Brueske

  Just when we start to lose hope in this current pandemic situation, we’re now seeing some events slowly coming back up. For artists and musicians, this means finally getting booked and doing gigs. However, as we move into the post-pandemic period, it helps not...
TPM 26 Leo Saunders | Income Stream For Musicians

Writing Personalized Songs As A New Income Stream For Musicians With Leo Saunders

  The pandemic is a hard hit on all business industries, but especially with the creative entertainment industry. In this episode, Leo Saunders explains why he founded Tuneriver and how it opens up a new income stream for musicians like yourself. Tuneriver allows...
TPM 25 | Email List

Cheryl B. Engelhardt On Building Your Following By Engaging Through An Email List

  Behind every social media platform is one important account that is typically overlooked: email. If you can put together a comprehensive email list to regularly send messages and engage with, one can reap a huge following and a handsome monetization. Bree Noble...
TPM 24 | Music Branding Strategies

Branding Strategies To Help You Make Profit From Music With Megan Kuhar

  A lot of musicians don’t know what to do when it comes to promoting themselves. Sometimes, they don’t even want to promote themselves. They believe that promoting yourself is narcissistic and that it has to be phony or inauthentic for it to work. Joining Bree...
TPM 23 Danielle Tucker | Music Event

Danielle Tucker On The Right Way To Manage Time And Resources For A Music Event

  From releasing an album to holding a concert, planning and hosting a music event is a tedious and challenging undertaking, especially today when almost everything is done virtually. But with proper planning and adequate help, the rewards it can yield are more...
TPM 22 Nicole Riccardo | Instagram Following

Nicole Riccardo: Building Your Instagram Following Through Engagement And Value

  Building your Instagram following is never an overnight task. For you to connect with people online in the most profound ways, the right engagement strategy and value are needed. Classical flutist and marketing strategist Nicole Riccardo joins Bree Noble in a...

3 Ways to Use A Single to Promote Your Upcoming Album Release

Previously published on the Bandzoogle Blog. In today’s music industry, it’s more important than ever to have a strategy in place before you release your music. You don’t want to just put out music without a plan; and this is even more important when it comes to full...
TPM 21 | Audio Mixing Techniques

Audio Mixing Techniques For That Professional Feel With Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato

  Now that we're forced into our homes, making music alone has become even more felt. However, not many of us are quite versed when it comes to mixing, and with all the information on the Internet, it can get overwhelming to find the best resource to learn from....