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On The Podcast:

TPM 68 Mike | Songwriting Business

How To Succeed In The Business Of Songwriting With Mike Errico

  What makes you stand out in the business of songwriting? Bree Noble welcomes Mike Errico, a New York-based musician, writer, and lecturing professor. Mike tells Bree how being yourself is all that people want. Why? Because being yourself differentiates you. One...
TPM 67 | Music Royalties

Demystifying Music Royalties With A Lawyer With Dave Ratner Of Creative Law Network

  Navigating music royalties can be complicated, especially when you don’t understand the legalities of copyrights. Bree Noble interviews Dave Ratner, the Lead Lawyer at Creative Law Network. Dave explains that copyright is the legal basis of creative works. As...
TPM 66 | Indie Label

Heather Christie On The Advantages Of Partnering With An Indie Label

  Many music artists partner with prominent labels because of their wide audience reach and significant impact. But if you want to escape the messy world of the music industry and get your creative self out there, an indie label may be the best fit for you. Bree...
TPM 65 | Music Influencers

Strategies In Getting Featured By Music Influencers And Curators With Jason Grishkoff

  Getting featured by music influencers and curators is one way to get known in the music industry. How exactly can you do it? Jason Grishkoff started music blogging way back in 2008 which already covered a lot of different artists. He was constantly barraged by...
TPM 64 | Voice Teaching Business

How To Scale A Voice Teaching Business And Expand To Ecommerce With Whitney Nichole

  What are the most crucial factors to scale a voice teaching business? Our guest in this episode offers her experience and insights, taking us to her story of expanding to eCommerce. Bree Noble sits with Whitney Nichole Cytryn, the Founder of Songbird Studios...
TPM 63 Fabiana Claure | Music Entrepreneurship

Taking The Leap Into Music Entrepreneurship With Fabiana Claure

  Fabiana Claure has been in the music industry her whole life. Armed with a full scholarship education, money was of no concern to her. But when she was finishing her studies, she contemplated how she could make a living. Together with her husband, they decided...
TPM 62 | Remote Studio Recording Solution

The Evolving Music Industry Through A Remote Studio Recording Solution With Kevin Williams

  The pandemic made a huge impact on different business industries. Some had bad outcomes, but some had good ones. For our guest today, it made it more popular than ever. The pandemic helped boost Kevin Williams’ business. Our guest was introduced to music...
TPM 61 Allison Emm | Social Media For Musicians

How Musicians Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage With Allison Emm

Social media has been getting a lot of bad rap lately, but it’s also no secret that there is a lot it can do for business. Musicians can actually these social media platforms to engage and interact with their audiences. This is what Allison Emm does at Wisconsin Music Ventures. Using the power of social media, she helps local independent artists thrive in doing what they love. This mission resonates with Allison because she’s had an interesting journey in music herself. Tune in and learn more!

TPM 60 | Songwriting Tips

Songwriting Tips: How To Tap Into Your Creativity And Build Confidence With Lisa McEwen

  What songwriting tips can you use to write consistently? Bree Noble sits with Lisa McEwen, who formerly signed as a staff writer to BMG Music Publishing. Putting mindfulness into practice is a great way to start writing music. Creativity comes from within, so...
TPM 59 | Fan Base Building Strategy

Hypeddit: An Automation Tool For Your Fan Base Building Strategy With John Gold

Modern problems require modern solutions. In today's age, consuming music is easy with the different platforms available. Yet, people still play the same music, lowering the demand for fresh releases. So how can you stand out? Our guest, John Gold, has a strategy for...