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On The Podcast:

TPM 100 | Introverted Musician

100. How Introverted Musicians Can Boost Their Confidence And Promote Their Music With Ariane Paras

  True success as a musician comes not only from talent and hard work, but also from the confidence to promote yourself and your music. Even if you're an introvert, don't let fear hold you back. Embrace discomfort, face your fears, and know that you can handle...
TPM 99 | Lyric Videos

99. How Lyric Videos Help Brand Building And Audience Engagement With Jess Robert

  Today's society is composed of visually-oriented individuals, and music artists must look for new ways to get their work out there. To address this hole in the market, Jess Robert decided to start LyricVids.com. Joining Bree Noble, she shares how their...
TPM 98 | Music Marketing

98. Music Marketing: Low-Cost Strategies For Amplifying Your Music Career With Lil Cross

  As a musician, marketing your music is essential for building a fan base and growing your career. However, marketing can often be expensive, leaving independent artists struggling to compete with major label budgets. In this episode, Lil Cross, founder of Dead...
TPM 97 | DIY Music Release Strategies

97. From Local Fanbase To Global Reach: DIY Music Release Strategies With Kevin Breuner

  In today's music industry, independent artists have more power than ever before to take control of their own careers and create successful music releases. For today’s episode, we have Kevin Breuner, the SVP of Marketing at CD Baby, one of the world's largest...
TPM 96 | Music Business

96. Music Business Mastery: How To Make A Six-Figure Business Teaching Music With Glory St. Germain

  There are different modalities musicians can generate profit. That could be playing through weddings, writing a book, or educating. In this episode, Glory St. Germain, the Founder of Ultimate Music Theory, shares how she makes a six-figure business teaching...
TPM 95 | Financial Stability

95. Maria Herrera On Providing An Avenue For Artists To Achieve Financial Stability

  Many artists struggle with managing their music release budgets. Maria Herrera, the Founder and CEO of Evergreen Entertainment, found a solution to help them with this specific issue and guide them to achieving financial stability. Joining Bree Noble, she...
TPM 94 | Music Career

94. Turning Your Music Career Into A Business With Evan Price

  A career in music can be exciting, especially if you have a passion for it. But earning money can be a struggle. You may have heard of the struggles of the "starving artist" – musicians are no exception. But what if you can turn that around? In today’s episode,...
TPM 92 | Art

92. The Six-Figure Musician: How To Monetize Your Art With Lindsey Kirkendall

  They say music is the language of the spirit. It can be argued that art is mainly made for artists to freely express their emotions, mind, and soul. At least a few famous musicians have become successful through their beloved songs, touching the hearts of many...
TPM 92 | The New Music Business

92. The NEW New Music Business: Navigating The Tides Of The Current Music Industry With Ari Herstand

  Trends and developments are constant in this complex landscape of modern music. Navigating through the turbulent waters of the industry requires artists to take advantage of the tools to help build a stable career. Bree Noble draws the curtain for our guest...
TPM 91 | Bandzoogle Websites

91. How To Power Your Direct-To-Fan Marketing And Sales Through Bandzoogle Websites With Stacey Bedford

  The needs of musicians evolves through time. To be able to succeed online, the mission of their platforms has to evolve too. Our guest today helps expand the Bandzoogle to include everything a musician needs to run a successful online business. Bree Noble...