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On The Podcast:

TPM 52 | Book Gigs

The Secret To Booking And Managing 150+ Private Gigs Each Year With Jared Judge

  Are you interested in figuring out a way to have a career in music? In this episode, Jared Judge shares his journey of having a hard time and not wanting to land a corporate job because he would like to pursue his love and passion for music. Coming across a...
TPM 51 | Contracts

Legally Protecting Your Rights In The Music Industry Through Contracts With Eric Farber

  Do you know that you can protect your rights in the music industry? In this episode, Eric Farber, an entertainment lawyer with around 20 years of experience and founder/CEO of Creators Legal, tells us the importance of knowing your rights, especially in the...
TPM 50 | Licensing Your Music

Practical Tips On Licensing Your Music The Profitable Way With Jody Friedman

  Licensing your music is a marathon, not a race. In this episode, host Bree Noble's guest is Jody Friedman, a seasoned and accomplished Music Supervisor and Songwriter/Producer. Jody talks with Bree about how you need to know your business if you want to succeed...
TPM 49 | Live Streaming

Elevating Your Resources In The Music Industry Through Live Streaming With Amani Roberts

  Live streaming is a typical thing today, and there are many platforms where you can utilize it. In this episode, Bree Noble talks with Amani Roberts on how you could elevate your resources in the music industry through live streaming. Amani is a DJ, producer,...
TPM 48 | Licensing Beats Online

Finding Artistic Fulfillment While Monetizing Your Passion: Licensing Beats Online With Breana Marin

  A successful career in music is more than possible with so many avenues to express and profit from your creativity. One of these ways is through licensing beats online. Breana Marin is a singer-songwriter and the founder of Love Pulse Music, a collective of...
TPM 47 | Teach Music Lessons

Muzie.Live: The Easy And Effective Way To Teach Music Lessons Online With Sam Reti

  What is one of the easiest and most effective ways to teach music lessons online and earn extra income? By using Muzie.Live! Bree Noble introduces Sam Reti, the Founder of Muzie.Live and a guitar teacher and musician. Muzie.Live is a music platform with high...
TPM 46 | Music Manager

Here’s Why You May Need A Music Manager To Boost Your Career With Rosabelle Eales

  A music manager organizes, coordinates, schedules, brainstorms, and seeks out opportunities so artists can be as involved in their business as they want to be. In this episode, Bree Noble presents Rosabelle Eales, the Founder of Overall Management. Rosabelle...
TPM 45 | Freelance Musician

Opportunities To Make Money As A Freelance Musician With Nick Voorhees

  Are you struggling to make ends meet? If so, you'd want to stick around as Nick Voorhees, the founder & CEO at Melody Nest, talks with Bree Noble about opportunities for freelance musicians. Melody Nest is a company that helps music freelancers of all kinds...
TPM 44 | Album Single

Choose The Right Song: Picking The Best Single For Your Album Release

  So you’re finally releasing your album after a lot of hard work. Now, what do you choose for your album’s single? How do you choose the right song? In this episode, Bree Noble walks us through choosing the best song to use as singles for your album release. She...
TPM 43 | Voice Lessons

Tiffany VanBoxtel: Who Are The Best People To Offer Voice Lessons?

  Voice lessons are truly a great help for aspiring individuals to hone and master their craft as professional singers. If you have a talent for singing or have some experience as a singer, perhaps lending a hand to those who want to do the same is a great idea....