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On The Podcast:

The Profitable Musician | David Craver | Open Mic

129. The Open Mic Advantage: Your Guide To Getting Gigs With David Craver

  Have you ever dreamt of performing your music on stage, captivating audiences, and getting paid to do what you love? While the journey to becoming a professional musician takes dedication and hard work, open mics offer a powerful and often overlooked advantage:...
The Profitable Musician | Jason Edmonds | AI In Music

128. The New Music Landscape: Budgets, Deals, And AI Tools For Today’s Artist With Jason Edmonds

  Will AI become the next superstar songwriter, or will it be a powerful tool for human musicians to revolutionize music? Buckle up for a fascinating exploration of music's future! Join host Bree Noble as she explores Jason Edmonds’ dynamic journey through the...
The Profitable Musician | Laura Jones | Negotiation And Collaboration

127. Building A Successful Music Career: The Art Of Negotiation & Collaboration With Laura Jones

  Have you ever wondered about the magic that happens behind the scenes in the music industry? Join Laura Jones, the founder of Little Underground Management, as she pulls back the curtain and reveals the art of negotiation and collaboration. She'll show you the...
The Profitable Musician | Matt Santry | Well Paid Musician

126. Tune In To Success: The Well-Paid Musician’s Guide To Private Events With Matt Santry

  Who says musicians can’t make bank? In this episode, Matt Santry joins our host Bree Noble for a stimulating conversation on breaking free from the scarcity mindset prevalent among musicians. Together, they explore the notion that being a well-paid musician is...
The Problem Musician | Tara Shannon | Valuing Your Music

125. Striking The Right Note: How To Value Your Music For Business Growth With Tara Shannon

Step into the world of music entrepreneurship with host Bree Noble and Willow Sound Records and The (Gro)ve founder Tara Shannon. Tara shares her wealth of knowledge on valuing your music to build a thriving business. Gain practical tips and actionable advice to...
The Profitable Musician | Drew Schroeder | Booking Secrets

124. Score More Gigs: Booking Secrets & Networking Hacks With Drew Schroeder

  Calling all hustlers! This episode cracks the code on gig booking and networking in the music industry. We welcome Drew Schroeder, a former Las Vegas performer who leveraged his hustle to climb the music industry ladder. Learn how Drew went from singing his...
The Profitable Musician | Erich Andreas | Master Music Skill

123. The Key To Master Any Musical Skill With Erich Andreas AKA YourGuitarSage

  Ready to uncover the essential steps to master any musical skill? Dive into the world of guitar mastery with our latest episode featuring the exceptional Erich Andreas AKA YourGuitarSage, a luminary in the realm of online guitar teaching. Join host Bree Noble...
The Profitable Musician | Melissa Mulligan | Music Career Diagnostics

122. Beyond Burnout And Bankrupt: Music Career Diagnostics For Success With Melissa Mulligan

  You can have a meaningful career that doesn’t burn you out and break the bank. This is what our guest imparts to us in this episode, giving a music career diagnostic to understand how best you can thrive in the industry. Melissa Mulligan, the visionary behind...
The Profitable Musician | Tobias Rauscher | International Fanbase

121. How To Build An International Fanbase On YouTube With Tobias Rauscher

  YouTube is one of the best online platforms to build an international fanbase. Unlike Facebook or TikTok, this website is less about churning endless content and more about creating a long-term growth machine – even with a handful of materials. Exploring the...
The Profitable Musician | Bobby Owsinski | Artificial Intelligence

120. Discussing Artificial Intelligence And Copyright With Bobby Owsinski

  Artificial intelligence is evolving and becoming ubiquitous at an extremely fast pace. It can be a bit confusing to follow what’s the latest on it and how it directly impacts your chosen industry. Bree Noble explores how this particular technology reshapes the...

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