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On The Podcast:

TPM 112 | Feed Your Soul

112. How Intention And Spontaneity Can Feed Your Soul With Cayla Brooke

  It is a must to feed your soul on a regular basis to live a fulfilling life. But with so much to do every single day, you may be neglecting to do this, making your daily routine dull and repetitive. Cayla Brooke is here to share her practical approach to...
TPM 111 | Spotify Algorithm

111. Striking A Chord: How To Harness The Power Of The Spotify Algorithm With Ryan Waczek

  Spotify's algorithm is about mastering the art of music marketing while staying true to your creative soul. It's the harmony of data and passion that makes your song truly resonate. In this episode, Ryan Waczek of Indie Music Academy takes us into a deep...
TPM 110 | Embrace Entrepreneurship

110. From The Ground Up: Why Musicians Need To Embrace Entrepreneurship With Gerard Longo

  Taylor Swift is a business genius in the music industry. But what makes her rise from the underground full of people doing the same thing in the industry? That is where we dive into this episode. Gerard Longo, the Founder and CEO of ECM Collective, takes us...
TPM 109 | Work Life Fit

109. Time Management For Musicians: Achieving Work-Life Fit And Becoming A Fierce Musician With Kami Lewis Levin

  Everybody wants to achieve a balance in life, but is it even possible? Today’s guest doesn’t believe work-life balance is possible, and instead, work-life fit makes more sense because every day is different, and you must make things fit together how you want to...
TPM 108 | Great Singers

108. Best Practices To Transform Singers From Good To Great With Arden Kaywin

  There are so many singers out there trying to make a career for themselves in this industry, but only a few are able to grow and thrive. Arden Kaywin is a singer and voice teacher pioneering holistic, transformative performance techniques for singers. Through...
TPM 107 | Sync Licensing

107. Take Control of Your Sync Licensing Career With Robina & Scott Barker

  With the intersection of different media channels, sync licensing has become a huge career opportunity in the music industry today. But with so many things to consider when arranging your catalog, managing your projects, and establishing your relationships with...
TPM 106 | Impact Of Artificial Intelligence

106. How AI Impacts Profitability For Indie Artists And How To Leverage It With Fiona Flyte

  The evolving space of technology has undeniably opened up more opportunities and tools to be creative. But just how much of this technology can help us as artists, especially for those independent artists? In this episode, Fiona Flyte, from the Profitable...
TPM 105 | Improving Health

105. Health Is Wealth: How Improving Your Health Can Help You Perform Better And Be More Profitable With Abel James

  Your well-being is your true wealth. By prioritizing our health, we can excel both in our professional and personal lives. In this episode, renowned health expert Abel James underscores the importance of enhancing our health to boost performance. He...
TPM 104 | Music Data

From Streams To Success: Data-Driven Music Career Decisions With Madelynn Elyse

  Music data is the compass that guides musicians to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the industry. By reading the numbers, we can uncover the true path to success, where authentic connections with fans reign supreme and every decision is fueled by...
TPM 103 | TikTok

103. Growing Her Music Career Through TikTok With Audrey Callahan

  It is mind-boggling how artists can significantly improve their craft and expand their influence just by keeping a strong social media presence. In Audrey Callahan’s case, the platform that transformed her music career is TikTok. She joins Bree Noble once more...