Discover 15 Streams of Income To Tap RIGHT NOW To Create Sustainable Revenue From Music

Are you an impact-driven musician?

This guide uncovers 15 accessible streams of income to transform your career
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On The Podcast:

TPM 15 | Online Technology

Overcoming Tech Hurdles: How Musicians Can Make Online Tech Work For Them With Jaime Slutzky

  At this very time when it is badly needed, we still hear of many people who get frustrated with online technology and feel like there is nothing in the world that could possibly make them master it. Musicians are not exempt from this seemingly insurmountable...
TPM 12 | Reality Singing Show

How Reality TV Can Ignite Your Career In Singing With Brianna Ruelas

  There are many ways to launch a career in singing, but the advent of reality TV has changed this world forever. Almost overnight, an aspiring singer can go from complete obscurity to global fame if they play their cards right. This episode’s guest, however,...
TPM 13 | Vocal Coaching

Tara Simon On Finding Purpose In Vocal Coaching

  Making money may be the major goal in entrepreneurship, but without getting that satisfaction of serving others or pursuing your true passion, it may all be for naught. Singer Tara Simon joins Bree Noble in sharing how her career eventually brought her to the...
TPM 11 | Music Career Goals

Suz Paulinski: Defining Music Career Goals Through Efficient Planning

  Clearing up the clutter and defining your music career goals can be achieved much easier through proper planning. For Suz Paulinski, using visuals and going back to physical planners is a great way to start. She sits down with Bree Noble to discuss how having a...
TPM 10 | With The Band

With The Band: Reaching New Fans Using Online Street Teams With Sarah Beth Perry

  To continue filling up the stadiums and selling all those albums, artists need to continually engage with their fans. It’s a missed opportunity for artists not to be using their fans to promote their music or whatever they wanted to promote. Sarah Beth Perry,...
TPM 9 | Big Brand Music

Befriending Reality: How To Make Money Creating Music For Big Brands With Tommy Zee

  There is a way to make music a decent living by creating music for big brands. However, you may want to think twice before you get too excited and quit your job and start making music full-time. That’s the mistake that music producer, Tommy Zee committed when...
TPM 8 | Bandzoogle

The Bandzoogle Members’ Secret To Making Over $5M During The Pandemic With Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford

  A lot of artists, specifically musicians, think nobody’s earning during the pandemic. The fact of the matter is musicians are just shifting how they’re earning. One such musical-related company called Bandzoogle managed to make over $5 million. Joining Bree...
TPM 7 | Home Music Production

DIY Producing: Make Music From Home Like A Boss With Kris Bradley

  If you’re a musical artist, there are a lot of advantages in having your own music production setup at home. For one, you can make demos easily and not have to rely on work tapes to pitch your work. You can also do a sort of beta version of your song and gather...
TPM 6 | Grow With Collabs

How To Grow Your Audience And Drive More Good Results Using Collabs With Cassandra Kubinski

  We can only grow and do so much by ourselves. That is why many thrive best when reaching out to others for help. In the music industry, one of the great avenues to grow your audience is by using collaborations. In this episode, Bree Noble is joined by...
TPM 5 | Biggest Mistake Musicians Make

Avoid This Biggest Mistake Musicians Make When Releasing Music

  Things have become different for the music industry with the dawn of streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora. It is no surprise that many uninitiated artists are making mistakes when it comes to releasing and structuring their marketing around music. That...