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On The Podcast:

TPM 91 | Bandzoogle Websites

91. How To Power Your Direct-To-Fan Marketing And Sales Through Bandzoogle Websites With Stacey Bedford

  The needs of musicians evolves through time. To be able to succeed online, the mission of their platforms has to evolve too. Our guest today helps expand the Bandzoogle to include everything a musician needs to run a successful online business. Bree Noble...
TPM 90 | Sync Licensing

90. Chris SD From Sync Songwriter On Sync Licensing Dos And Don’ts

  When you create great songs, some movie directors would want to use or feature them in their films. They would ask to license your song, but that doesn’t mean you’re giving up your copyright. In today’s episode, Chris SD, an award-winning music producer, takes...
TPM 89 | Sacred Artistry

89. The Working Musician: The 4 Pillars Of Sacred Artistry With Honey Larochelle

  As musicians, we have this burning desire, the need to get out there and showcase our unique artistry. But some people just need that push to show their talent because, already, they are making a good living from another thing and get affirmation from it...
TPM 88 | Hookist

88. Hookist: Collaborating In The Songwriting Process With Your Fans With Meredith Collins

  The songwriting process is a magical journey that only some people can have. Hookist can give people a glimpse of that magical process. You get to actually write a song and collaborate with your favorite artists in real-time. So if you ever dreamed of writing a...
TPM 87 Alex | Social Media

87. The Awakened Creative: How Social Media For Musicians Can Be More Fun & Creative With Alex Love

  Are you struggling with forming a deep connection with your audience? Social media can be a fun and creative way to achieve that! Our guest for today’s episode works with musician, encourage them, and help them with the things they struggle with. Alex Love, a...
TPM 86 | Musical Skills

86. Open Up New Income Streams By Expanding Your Business And Musical Skills With BRE

  The pandemic taught us to be creative and utilize the available tools to keep generating income. In today’s episode, BRE, an electronic artist, producer, and entrepreneur, shares how her passion for music and working at a piano bar before the pandemic helped...
TPM 85 | Writing Hits

85. Secrets To Writing Hit Songs For The Digital Age With Molly Leikin Of SongMD

  Isn’t it amazing how a song can trigger a memory? We sometimes get too caught up in the magic of the lyrics and the melody that it changes our mood entirely. Learn more about the secrets to writing a hit as Molly Leikin, a hit songwriter and CEO of Songwriting...
TPM 84 | Unbiased Music Business Advice

84. The Friendship Society: Getting Unbiased Music Business Advice To Monetize Your Music With Joya Owens

  Music professionals sometimes struggle with connecting their brands or monetizing their music. But how can you build a brand that produces growth in revenue and engagement as a musician? In this episode, Joya Owens from The Friendship Society shares advice for...
TPM 83 | Streaming Royalties

83. Evolving With Technology: Paying The Bills From Spotify Streaming Royalties With Emile Pandolfi

  As musicians, we all have to change with technology. CDs are getting phased out so now it's onto streaming services like Spotify. And if you work really hard, you can earn a living from just your streaming royalties. But first, you do have to find your niche...
TPM 82 | Piano Skills

82. How Learning Piano Skills Can Help Singers And Songwriters Get More Opportunities With Brenda Earle Stokes

  As a singer, being able to accompany yourself while writing, practicing and gigging is a huge plus because you don’t have to rely on the band. It has opened a lot of doors for singer-songwriter Brenda Earle Stokes. Brenda has been a closeted singer for four...