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On The Podcast:

TPM 39 | Financial Planning

Be Ready For The Future: Financial Planning For Creatives And Musicians With Lindy Venustus

  Many creatives often put off financial planning but make no mistake: creatives need to be ready, and that means making sure your finances are in top shape. In this episode, we meet a person who will share her insights on financial planning for musicians and...
TPM 37 Daniel Patterson | Grow Your Music Studio

How To Properly Market Yourself And Grow Your Music Studio With Daniel Patterson

  Let's say you're a music teacher but you aren't getting as many students as you want. How do you market your music studio better so that you can attract more students? Do you create better social media ads? Are you targeting the right market?  Are your lessons...
TPM 38 Rebekah Read | SEO For Musicians

SEO 101: Helping Musicians Build A Strategic Online Presence With Rebekah Read

  Much of the music business is now online. To break through as a new artist and become visible to your target audience, having a few SEO tricks up your sleeve is not only an advantage, but a must these days. Rebekah Read helps business owners build a strategic...

Recording An Album: How To Decide Which Songs To Choose

Recording An Album Means Making Important Musical Choices Recording an album or EP is an expensive undertaking. To add to whatever pressure that creates in you, the songs you decide to include can make or break the success of the project. It’s a very important...
spotify algorithm

Spotify Algorithm: How To Influence It To Reach New Listeners and Potential Fans

Previously posted  as 5 Ways To Influence The Spotify Algorithm to Reach New Listeners and Turn Them Into Fans on Bandzoogle Spotify and the Spotify Algorithm provide a massive opportunity to get your music discovered and heard by new potential fans. Spotify for...
TPM 36 | Music Crowdfunding

Finding Success Through Crowdfunding Strategies And Private Patronage With Alarke

  It's not easy building a brand or starting something new. Getting people to invest in you can be hard. But in this new age of the internet comes the rise of crowdfunding. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe are some platforms that artists can use for...
TPM 35 | Music Publicity

Music Publicity: The Ultimate Guide To Get Heard Online With Ariel Hyatt

  Publicity and PR have become interchangeable these days because of the increase in networking and social media. As a musician, you need to learn why it is important to have good publicity. You need to find that golden nugget that lets you stand out from the...
TPM 34 Katie Zaccardi | Money Making Offer

What Type Of Money-Making Offer Is Best For Your Music Business With Katie Zaccardi

  Do you want to know what money-making offer you should add to your business? Katie Zaccardi, founder of “Out To Be,” joins Bree Noble to discuss their own experiences to help you choose which offer is best for you. At the end of the day, your best money-making...
TPM 33 | Music Teachers

The Domestic Musician: Creating A Community For Music Teachers With Jessica Peresta

  Many music teachers out there are struggling to find the resources they need. What if there is a community that can help them with that and provides support at the same time? Today’s guest is Jessica Peresta, founder of The Domestic Musician, which aims to help...
TPM 32 Fiona Flyte | YouTube For Musicians

YouTube For Musicians: Strategies On Getting More Views And Engagement With Fiona Flyte

  If you want to get more views on YouTube, then this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Fiona Flyte, the creator of the Profitable Performer Revolution and YouTube Domination. She talks with Bree Noble about understanding YouTube for musicians and how you can...