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On The Podcast:

TPM 36 | Music Crowdfunding

Finding Success Through Crowdfunding Strategies And Private Patronage With Alarke

  It's not easy building a brand or starting something new. Getting people to invest in you can be hard. But in this new age of the internet comes the rise of crowdfunding. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe are some platforms that artists can use for...
TPM 35 | Music Publicity

Music Publicity: The Ultimate Guide To Get Heard Online With Ariel Hyatt

  Publicity and PR have become interchangeable these days because of the increase in networking and social media. As a musician, you need to learn why it is important to have good publicity. You need to find that golden nugget that lets you stand out from the...
TPM 34 Katie Zaccardi | Money Making Offer

What Type Of Money-Making Offer Is Best For Your Music Business With Katie Zaccardi

  Do you want to know what money-making offer you should add to your business? Katie Zaccardi, founder of “Out To Be,” joins Bree Noble to discuss their own experiences to help you choose which offer is best for you. At the end of the day, your best money-making...
TPM 33 | Music Teachers

The Domestic Musician: Creating A Community For Music Teachers With Jessica Peresta

  Many music teachers out there are struggling to find the resources they need. What if there is a community that can help them with that and provides support at the same time? Today’s guest is Jessica Peresta, founder of The Domestic Musician, which aims to help...
TPM 32 Fiona Flyte | YouTube For Musicians

YouTube For Musicians: Strategies On Getting More Views And Engagement With Fiona Flyte

  If you want to get more views on YouTube, then this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Fiona Flyte, the creator of the Profitable Performer Revolution and YouTube Domination. She talks with Bree Noble about understanding YouTube for musicians and how you can...
TPM 31 Emily Satterlee | Music Producer

Why You Need A Music Producer And How To Find The Right One With Emily Satterlee

  If you want your music to sound professional through speakers and headphones, then what you need is a music producer. A music producer is someone who helps mix, add instruments, and bring your music up to industry standards. How do you find the right person for...
TPM 30 Diane Foy | Public Relations For Musicians

It’s All About Your Story: Public Relations For Musicians With Diane Foy

  People may love your music, but it’s simply not enough to gain the attention that you need, especially nowadays. You need to work on the public relations side of your career. What you need are a story and social media activity. Bree Noble’s guest today is Diane...
TPM 29 Mike Meiers | Songwriting For Guitar

Songwriting For Guitar: How To Write Better Songs And Earn More With Mike Meiers

  Bree Noble’s guest in this episode is Mike Meiers, founder of Songwriting for Guitar. Mike shares his journey on how he came to love playing the guitar and teaching others to play it. Teaching others helped Mike grow exponentially in music, eventually becoming...
TPM 28 | Band Promotion

The Business Side Of Music: Band Promotion And Content Creation With Monica Strut

  Being a musician is not just about learning how to play and perform, especially if you want to succeed. You also need to learn about the business side of it, from marketing to networking, basically all the things that make the music industry what it is. Helping...
TPM 27 | Post-Pandemic Booking Strategies

Gigs And Booking Strategies In The Post-Pandemic World With Tara Brueske

  Just when we start to lose hope in this current pandemic situation, we’re now seeing some events slowly coming back up. For artists and musicians, this means finally getting booked and doing gigs. However, as we move into the post-pandemic period, it helps not...