Build a solid “brick house” business as a musician by creating multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date tactics to grow your 4 cornerstone income streams: recording & releasing music, performing & live streaming, teaching & coaching, and recurring revenue.

Join host Bree Noble as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music.

Episode Blogs

TPM 84 | Unbiased Music Business Advice
  Music professionals sometimes struggle with connecting their brands or monetizing their music. But how can you build a brand that produces growth in revenue and engagement as a musician? In this episode, Joya Owens from The Friendship Society shares advice for musicians about the fundamentals of music and entertainment business infrastructure. She also shares her wisdom on the role of social media in the music industry. On top of that, she provides some input
TPM 83 | Streaming Royalties
  As musicians, we all have to change with technology. CDs are getting phased out so now it’s onto streaming services like Spotify. And if you work really hard, you can earn a living from just your streaming royalties. But first, you do have to find your niche and just focus on that. Join Bree Noble as she talks to pianist Emile Pandolfi about how he got into millions of streams and playlists. Learn how
TPM 82 | Piano Skills
  As a singer, being able to accompany yourself while writing, practicing and gigging is a huge plus because you don’t have to rely on the band. It has opened a lot of doors for singer-songwriter Brenda Earle Stokes. Brenda has been a closeted singer for four years. She didn’t identify herself with piano at first. But when she started honing her piano skills, it opened up a lot of opportunities for her to showcase
TPM 81 | Creative Type
  Today’s guest has been featured on Disney+, and she helps creative entrepreneurs define and achieve success on their terms. Lisa believes the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself. In this episode, Lisa Robin Young, founder of Ark Entertainment Media, shares her journey about owning her niche, doing what she loves, and making a profit. Her success started from the epiphany she had after an accident. It
TPM 80 | Music Meets The Boardroom
  As artists, our priority is our art, our music, and our creatives. We invest our time and hearts in our love for the arts, but for lack of resources, we either entrust our work to the hands of someone else or shelf it completely. But that’s about to change! Tune in as Business Strategist and Founder and CEO of Music Meets The Boardroom, Latoya Cooper, talks about their mission to provide women artists of color an