Build a solid “brick house” business as a musician by creating multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date tactics to grow your 4 cornerstone income streams: recording & releasing music, performing & live streaming, teaching & coaching, and recurring revenue.

Join host Bree Noble as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music.

Episode Blogs

TPM 103 | TikTok
  It is mind-boggling how artists can significantly improve their craft and expand their influence just by keeping a strong social media presence. In Audrey Callahan’s case, the platform that transformed her music career is TikTok. She joins Bree Noble once more to share updates on what happened to her career during and after the pandemic. Audrey opens up on how TikTok helped her become more confident with her songwriting skills, establish a solid brand,
TPM 102 | Income Streams For Musicians
  Dr. Heidi Kay Begay, a serial entrepreneur, and owner of Flute 360 and Red House Productions, talks about new income streams for musicians in this insightful episode. In her discussion, Dr. Heidi explores the potential of podcasting and corporate sponsorships for musicians to navigate the industry, launch their shows, foster growth, and monetize their content. Additionally, she offers tips on transforming a hobby into a wealth generator. By leveraging podcasting, corporate sponsorships, and adopting
TPM 101 | Studio Musician
  It takes good song lyrics, the right instruments, and a perfect recording studio to go a long way. Those are the key factors to a better song and create an excellent result. In this episode, Travis Huisman, a Record Producer at Catamount Recording, provides tips for studio musicians to get hired as session musicians or singers. From discussing instruments to harmonies, Travis also dives into the production side to bring an excellent-selling song. Tune
TPM 100 | Introverted Musician
  True success as a musician comes not only from talent and hard work, but also from the confidence to promote yourself and your music. Even if you’re an introvert, don’t let fear hold you back. Embrace discomfort, face your fears, and know that you can handle it. In this episode, Brie Noble welcomes Ariane Paras from Olympia Coaching to discuss the importance of mindset in becoming a profitable musician. They explore ways for introverted
TPM 99 | Lyric Videos
  Today’s society is composed of visually-oriented individuals, and music artists must look for new ways to get their work out there. To address this hole in the market, Jess Robert decided to start Joining Bree Noble, she shares how their freelance work snowballed into a full-blown company that provides lyric and animated videos. She breaks down how their services help music artists promote their songs, build their brand, and boost audience engagement with