Build a solid “brick house” business as a musician by creating multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date tactics to grow your 4 cornerstone income streams: recording & releasing music, performing & live streaming, teaching & coaching, and recurring revenue.

Join host Bree Noble as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music.

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TPM 43 | Voice Lessons
  Voice lessons are truly a great help for aspiring individuals to hone and master their craft as professional singers. If you have a talent for singing or have some experience as a singer, perhaps lending a hand to those who want to do the same is a great idea. Vocal coach Tiffany VanBoxtel joins Bree Noble to talk about the combination of vocal knowledge and the desire to serve others that are required in
TPM 42 | Talent Stacking
Many of us have probably written a number of songs that don’t get to see the light of day. We’re creating a hard drive graveyard waiting for the right opportunity to come. Well, it is time to create that opportunity for yourself, take them out, and let them be heard as they should! Singer-songwriter-producer Kris Bradley is someone who can help out. She is the founder of Produce Like a Boss, an online coaching program geared towards the
TPM 41 Michael Elsner | Sync Licensing
  We have nothing but time on our hands due to the worldwide pandemic. What can we do to turn this all around and let it work to our advantage? Your host, Bree Noble, interviews Michael Elsner about sync licensing opportunities in this episode. Michael Elsner’s career took a left turn after getting his first song licensed on CBS’s Cold Case in 2004. He tried to do sync licensing while pursuing his artist career but felt
TPM 40 | Streaming Tools
  The music industry is fast growing. And as artists, we have to know what tools we should make use of and how we could attract more listeners and fans to our brands. Join Bree Noble and Mike Warner as they delve into the streaming tools that musicians can use in their profession. Mike is a producer, podcaster, and the author of Work Hard Playlist Hard: The DIY Playlist Guide For Artists And Curators. In this
TPM 39 | Financial Planning
  Many creatives often put off financial planning but make no mistake: creatives need to be ready, and that means making sure your finances are in top shape. In this episode, we meet a person who will share her insights on financial planning for musicians and other creatives. Bree Noble sits down for a productive chat with the CEO of Create Financial Planning, Lindy Venustus. Lindy walks us through planning for your financial future and
TPM 37 Daniel Patterson | Grow Your Music Studio
  Let’s say you’re a music teacher but you aren’t getting as many students as you want. How do you market your music studio better so that you can attract more students? Do you create better social media ads? Are you targeting the right market?  Are your lessons for experienced or inexperienced musicians? These are all the things you have to think of as you grow your business. Learn more about growing your music studio with Daniel Patterson, the owner of Grow
TPM 38 Rebekah Read | SEO For Musicians
  Much of the music business is now online. To break through as a new artist and become visible to your target audience, having a few SEO tricks up your sleeve is not only an advantage, but a must these days. Rebekah Read helps business owners build a strategic online presence through brand strategy, web design, and SEO tactics. In this conversation with Bree Noble, Bekah shares how the tools she is using to help online entrepreneurs can be
Recording An Album Means Making Important Musical Choices Recording an album or EP is an expensive undertaking. To add to whatever pressure that creates in you, the songs you decide to include can make or break the success of the project. It’s a very important decision that can’t only be based on emotions, attachments, and preferences—some facts and data must be taken into account. Previously published on the Bandzoogle Blog. I like to call this
spotify algorithm
Previously posted  as 5 Ways To Influence The Spotify Algorithm to Reach New Listeners and Turn Them Into Fans on Bandzoogle Spotify and the Spotify Algorithm provide a massive opportunity to get your music discovered and heard by new potential fans. Spotify for Artists gives you some great tools to help you look professional, draw in new listeners, connect with those casual listeners and hopefully continue the relationship beyond the first discovery. But with a lot