Build a solid “brick house” business as a musician by creating multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date tactics to grow your 4 cornerstone income streams: recording & releasing music, performing & live streaming, teaching & coaching, and recurring revenue.

Join host Bree Noble as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music.

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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Music on Release Day After countless hours in the studio, sleepless nights, and endless cups of coffee, you’ve finally done it. You’ve created a masterpiece that is ready to shake the music industry. It’s release day. But how do you ensure your music reaches the right audience? How do you make your release day a resounding success? We’ve got you covered. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the
The Perfect Tempo: How Often Should You Release Music on Spotify? Understanding the Rhythm of Music Releases As an artist, creating music is a dance between inspiration and execution, a symphony of thoughts and emotions crafted into a sonic masterpiece. Once your track is ready to meet the world, a pivotal question emerges: how often should you release music on Spotify? In today’s digital age, the music landscape is dynamic, with Spotify and its 345
The Ultimate Pre-Release Day Checklist: What Should I Do Before Release Day? Introduction Release day, the culmination of countless hours of hard work, sleepless nights, and relentless dedication. It’s the moment of truth, the day when your product, be it a book, a movie, an album, or a software application, finally sees the light of day. The anticipation is palpable, the excitement is contagious, but the question remains, “What should I do before release day?”
Timing is Everything: Strategically Promoting Your Presave As an independent artist or a music marketer in the digital age, the term ‘presave’ is likely a familiar one. The question that often lingers, however, is – “When should I start promoting my presave?” Understanding the Presave Concept In simple terms, a presave is a digital tool that allows fans to save or pre-add your upcoming music on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music before it’s officially
The Power of Presave Links: A Game-Changer for Your Music Release Introduction: The Importance of Digital Strategy in Music Release In the ever-evolving music industry, one thing remains constant – the thrill of releasing new music. It’s a heady mix of anticipation, excitement, and a dash of anxiety. As an artist, you want to share your creativity with the world and hope it resonates with your audience. But in the digital age, simply releasing your

Release Concierge Release Planning & Budgeting Checklist


Struggling to keep track of all the steps you need to take in order to plan your next release? Release your next music project with confidence with our Release Planning & Budgeting Checklist.


These are NOT the obvious, industry-backed income streams like streaming royalties, album sales, publishing royalties, and concert ticket sales. These are out-of-the-box solutions that will transform a Starving Artist into a Confident Creator who has ENDLESS possibilities from monetizing their music.