Here are some of our trusted and battle-tested resources for musicians. If you have any questions about any of these or want to hear more about our experience with them, feel free to email us at

Some Of Our Favorite Tools


Bandzoogle is music websites created by musicians for musicians. They are our absolute favorite solution for musicians because you can stream and sell music easily from your site, sell merch & more without extra fees. It’s so easy to create your site, you can do it yourself and have it up & looking great in less than 2 hours!


Get more airplay, Reviews, distribution and gigs with the Ultimate Indie Bundle. I used this resource when I first started my carer to find my first publisher. THe Ultimate Artist Bundle includes The Indie Bible, The Indie Bible Online, The Indie Venue Bible, and The Indie Bible Articles written by Industry Professionals.


We love ConvertKit! We use it to manage our email list, send newsletters, create sequences to welcome people into our tribe or tutorials to send new customers and so much more. It is easy to segment your list and tag people based on interest or purchase with ConvertKit. And the price starts low and scales up with your list.


If you teach music lessons locally and have always wanted to start teaching virtually, Teachable provides easy-to-use tools for both private & group teaching as well as creating an online course from your expertise. You can test it out for 14-days totally free (no credit card needed). This is the platform I use to host and take payment for my own courses.