Build a solid “brick house” business as a musician by creating multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date tactics to grow your 4 cornerstone income streams: recording & releasing music, performing & live streaming, teaching & coaching, and recurring revenue.

Join host Bree Noble as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music.

Episode Blogs

TPM 112 | Feed Your Soul
  It is a must to feed your soul on a regular basis to live a fulfilling life. But with so much to do every single day, you may be neglecting to do this, making your daily routine dull and repetitive. Cayla Brooke is here to share her practical approach to feeding the soul with Bree Noble. She explains how to set connection points and boosters throughout a 90-day period, which includes a wide range
TPM 111 | Spotify Algorithm
  Spotify’s algorithm is about mastering the art of music marketing while staying true to your creative soul. It’s the harmony of data and passion that makes your song truly resonate. In this episode, Ryan Waczek of Indie Music Academy takes us into a deep discussion about music marketing, algorithmic playlists, and the art of building a devoted fanbase. Ryan gives a backstage pass to decoding playlist placement and other algorithm secrets— and reveals how
TPM 110 | Embrace Entrepreneurship
  Taylor Swift is a business genius in the music industry. But what makes her rise from the underground full of people doing the same thing in the industry? That is where we dive into this episode. Gerard Longo, the Founder and CEO of ECM Collective, takes us into why musicians should embrace entrepreneurship in their endeavors in the music industry. He provides insights into what makes you stand out from others and touches on
TPM 109 | Work Life Fit
  Everybody wants to achieve a balance in life, but is it even possible? Today’s guest doesn’t believe work-life balance is possible, and instead, work-life fit makes more sense because every day is different, and you must make things fit together how you want to live with it. Kami Lewis Levin, the CEO of Kameron Lewis Levin Consulting, explains how to become a fierce working musician and avoid burning out. As a Fierce Working Mom,
TPM 108 | Great Singers
  There are so many singers out there trying to make a career for themselves in this industry, but only a few are able to grow and thrive. Arden Kaywin is a singer and voice teacher pioneering holistic, transformative performance techniques for singers. Through her Intensive Program, she helps professional singers all over the world make a bigger impact with their voices to grow fulfilling, sustainable careers. In this episode, she sits down with Bree Noble to