Build a solid “brick house” business as a musician by creating multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date tactics to grow your 4 cornerstone income streams: recording & releasing music, performing & live streaming, teaching & coaching, and recurring revenue.

Join host Bree Noble as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music.

Episode Blogs

The Profitable Musician | Drew Schroeder | Booking Secrets
  Calling all hustlers! This episode cracks the code on gig booking and networking in the music industry. We welcome Drew Schroeder, a former Las Vegas performer who leveraged his hustle to climb the music industry ladder. Learn how Drew went from singing his heart out to mastering digital platforms and cold calling like a pro. Discover his secrets to landing gigs and building a successful music career. Tune in and unlock your earning potential!
The Profitable Musician | Erich Andreas | Master Music Skill
  Ready to uncover the essential steps to master any musical skill? Dive into the world of guitar mastery with our latest episode featuring the exceptional Erich Andreas AKA YourGuitarSage, a luminary in the realm of online guitar teaching. Join host Bree Noble as she unravels the captivating journey of Erich, from his early fascination with music to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the digital age. Discover the secrets behind Erich’s YouTube triumph and the
The Profitable Musician | Melissa Mulligan | Music Career Diagnostics
  You can have a meaningful career that doesn’t burn you out and break the bank. This is what our guest imparts to us in this episode, giving a music career diagnostic to understand how best you can thrive in the industry. Melissa Mulligan, the visionary behind Music Career Mastermind, guides you through the intricacies of a music career. She discusses the nuances between live performances and studio recordings, shedding light on essential considerations. Emphasizing
The Profitable Musician | Tobias Rauscher | International Fanbase
  YouTube is one of the best online platforms to build an international fanbase. Unlike Facebook or TikTok, this website is less about churning endless content and more about creating a long-term growth machine – even with a handful of materials. Exploring the best strategies to grow your YouTube following with Bree Noble is Tobias Rauscher, founder of FanbasePRO. Together, they discuss how to ramp up your watch time when starting your channel, the best content
The Profitable Musician | Bobby Owsinski | Artificial Intelligence
  Artificial intelligence is evolving and becoming ubiquitous at an extremely fast pace. It can be a bit confusing to follow what’s the latest on it and how it directly impacts your chosen industry. Bree Noble explores how this particular technology reshapes the music business with Bobby Owsinski, author of The Musician’s AI Handbook. Together, they explain the most ethical ways to use AI to create music, as well as some useful tools to help you out.